Air Guns are a form of non-lethal crowd control methods used by police and military worldwide. They are also popular in hunting and to control animals, mainly wild animals.

Coming up to the point, that how Air Guns can be used to protect a human’s life, they has always been the best friend of the owner when it comes to save the lives of that owner, or his/her family or friends.

Air Guns has proved that it can be used as a safety measure during any kind of problem or dangerous situation, if an individual has a gun, then he probably can fight against it or can control the situation in a very positive way and hence, can save ones lives.


According to a research, in these pandemic, the sales of the guns has increased in a large scale, but research also shows that having a firearm in the house won’t necessarily help in a dangerous situation or to fight against any kind of problem, and it will definitely heighten other risks.

Yes, this statement can be true but if a gun is in the right hands and can be used properly without harming others, it will definitely save your life from any kind of risk.

IT all matters, who is the owner of the Air Gun or who is using it. If, by chance if, it is with the wrong man or is not used properly than the risk is very high.

The Air Gun which you brought for your safety purpose, to save your life or to save your family’s life, the same Air Gun will probably hurt one of them and can cause injury, if not used properly or in the positive way.


  • Safely Stored: Every kind of gun, if it is a normal gun or an Air Gun, it must be stored in a safe place. Most of the gun owners store at least gun unsafely and this can be the biggest reason that the gun will probably hurt or can cause a major injury if not locked in a safe storage. Every gun owner must know about the safe storage measures.
  • Keep away from children: According to a research, the risk of suicide and unintentional shootings among youth increases in house where guns are kept loaded or if they are kept unlocked. The owner must know about all his/her responsibilities and never take them lightly, when it comes to guns, mainly Air Guns.
  • Proper use of a Gun: The one, who is pursuing a Gun must be aware of all the risks as well as the measures of keeping a gun at home. If the gun is not used properly or with the wrong hands, then the risk is very high that it will cause a measure injury to family members or to anybody.
  • Be aware of Unsecured Guns: Household guns or some unsecured guns are a major source of weapons, very harmful weapons, used by youth in violence against themselves or others. Approx 70% and 80% of guns are used in youth suicides, unintentional shootings among students, and school shooting perpetrated by shooters under the age of 18, all are acquired from the home.
  • Be safe with Guns: Be safe while you are cleaning the gun or while storing them at a safe place, away from children and the one who can use it in a negative way.

All the measures mentioned above are very important and an individual who is pursuing a gun must know about all the risks as well as the measures of that risk to save his/her life.


Yes, all the guns are probably used to hurt someone or to protect ourselves. Around 80% people use or own a gun just to protect their and their loved ones lives.

If someone is feeling any type of threat in their life, which may be dangerous or can put their lives in bad situation, then an individual is allowed to ask for a gun.

The authority never step back if a person needs a gun for their self- defense.

These threats can be of any type, like you can have problems with some criminals or a wild animal is trying to attack you. In such kind of situation, a gun can protect you in any condition.

A gun is very helpful to protect ones lives, if used in a positive and a proper direction. Guns can save you life and can control the situation without risking you own life in that situation.

A gun can control a wild animal or a criminal or any kind of threat that may hurt you or your family.


Yes, guns can provide safety to a human life, if used properly. Of it’s not used in a proper direction or used in a negative way, then it would probably harm you and your family.

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