Getting a gun license in a country like India, which has one of the strict rules for having a gun in all over the world, is one of the most difficult task. It comes under the Arms Act, 1959.

Mostly in India, a common person use gun only if they see any threat to their life or they are afraid or scared of anything. And the second option is, that guy is going to do a crime. Many people own a gun just for their interest or like a hobby.

So today we are going to discuss, How to get a license to use a gun in India?

Steps to get a Gun License

  • Submit an Application: The first most important task is to post an application. One can get the form from the district superintendent of the police of the precise state it is in.
  • Check an Application: After getting an application of an individual, the police will check all the past records of that individual, if there is any past records or any criminal record, the address is correct or not and many other details.
  • Rechecking: After getting a huge number of information about that individual, police gather more information which includes asking the people living in the surrounding or neighborhood if they see any kind of negative activity or that individual involved in any fight due to high temper or anger burst out.
  • Clinical Check-up: The police then check the mental and physical ability of that individual if the person is mentally ill or not, the DCP does an interview of the person to check hi/her mental ability who wants to pursue the license.
  • Interview: In the interview , the main question to be asked is “why do you need a gun?” Self-defence is stated as one of the most common reason why most people in India wants to pursue a gun and it is acceptable too. According to law, anyone can ask for a gun in order to protect themselves from the wild animals.
  • Report: After the interview, DCP sends the report of that individual’s application, clinical check-up and interview session to the criminal branch and the national crime branch bureau both.

If the report is good and DCP is satisfies that the individual is not harmful, a civilian can get a gun license after all these steps. This can take many months to get the license, it could go up to three or four months primarily based on the producing gadget of a specific manufacturing unit.

After pursuing the gun license, the customer obviously have to contact the dealer for the procurement of a gun.

Documents required for getting a Gun

Issued license with valid date and place and should be written in English or Hindi.

  • A photocopy of the Gun License.
  • One copy of the NOC for the factory owner and one copy of the NOC for the police authorities. NOC for no objection certificate, in case if the gun license is valid across India, there is no need of this step)
  • Transport License of the place where the factory is located is also needed on the last step.

Nowadays, it also require many other more information such as name of the retainer along with the passport size picture and an authority letter signed by the retainer himself. And after all these steps an individual can get a gun in India.

Cancellation of Gun License

  • If the documents, submitted by the individual that wants to pursue a gun is not correct not if anyone finds a problem in that documents then there’s a probability that the authority will cancel the gun license of that individual.
  • If the owner of the gun has prohibited certain provisions under the act, then the license officer have the all rights to cancel the gun licence.
  • If they found any threat in the public space and also if the delivery of the weapon is not done after the end of the license term, then the authority can cancel your gun license in this condition also.

These are all the basic information everyone needs to know when they are thinking to pursue a gun. Owning a gun is not a big deal but to get a license of that gun can be the most difficult as well as the most complicated task. As already said, there are numerous steps required to fulfill before getting a gun license and if you cleared all the above mentioned steps than the probability is that you can get your own gun a soon as possible. It is just a matter of time. To complete all the steps is not so difficult if you keep calm.

So what are your waiting for? Now you are aware of all the steps required to get a gun. If you see any kind of dangerous situation or a wild animals attacks you, now you can control that wild animal and can be save your life.

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