India is one the most popular country which is known for their rules and regulations regarding Air Guns. Countries like Australia and India, the strictness is very tight on the negative use of the Air Guns of any kind.

Till recently, there was a time where no license was required to manufacture, buy, own, possess or to use an air gun in India. But time has changed.

The strictness is on the other level in case of the Air Guns in all over India. This is because of the harmful and negative use of Air Guns in past.

Air Gun is of the of the most common gun which could earlier be bought off the self and even form the toy shops.

It was the very common gun and is very easy to get and pursue but nowadays, the Air Gun needs a permit, a license to be pursued by an individual. Now you will not find any kind of Air Gun so easily as it was before.

Indian Law allowed firearm possession on may-issue basis. With approximately five civilian fireman per 100 people, India is the 120th most armed country in the world.

Many problems came together in front of the Indian Government and hence they decided to allow the permit or the license to those who wants to own an Air Gun, as per their needs.

Some people see threats in between their lives and hence they need a gun to protect themselves from a criminal or a wild animal and many other people look it as just a hobby or just a part of their interest.

One of the biggest and the common reason among all the owners of the Air Guns is that they wanted to protect themselves. Most of the people think that to pursuing a gun can be the easiest and the most strongest reason to save the life.

Owning a Gun license is not so difficult, if you have a very clear past record. You just need to go through many types of steps and that’s all, you will get your gun.

The biggest reason why the Indian government makes license mandatory for all the Air Guns and for all the Gun users is because of the past history full of negative and harmful uses of Air Guns.

There was a time when such kinds of Air Guns are the disaster for humanity and morality. But now, after the mandatory of license rule, things have changed. Not everyone can get a gun license.

The man with all the clear past records and clearing all the important and hard processes, a man can get his own gun license and then he is allow to pursue a gun or an Air Gun.

Now before pursuing a gun, an individual will think twice because getting a gun license is not that easy as it looks. There are many types of steps are needed to be cleared and if you belong from a criminal background and you c are unable to deal with your anger burst, then it is way much impossible to get a gun or a gun license.

One pallet cartridge contains around 200 pallets. They are manufactured at Ordinance Factory in Ichapore. Pallet guns are those guns which are use by our Indian Police Forces (CRPF and the Jammu and Kashmir Police) as a non-lethal defensive crowd control measure against violent, stone pelting mobs in Jammu and Kashmir.

Jammu and Kashmir has faced many problems due to pallet guns and many other types of air guns. Many people got injury and many are dead.

Not only for once but for many times, many people got hurt, died, only because of air guns and the negative and harmful uses of them.

After long all the problems and the worst condition of Kashmir, government decided to take this thing seriously and will take a very big step towards this thing.

Hence, the government of India decided to make the license for the guns as a very important thing to buy a gun. Now, this is the time, when no one can buy a gun without a gun license and to make a gun licence is not that easy.

It takes a lot of time, lot of efforts and a lot of patient.

It’s not easy for everyone to get a gun license. An individual needs to go through many various steps and must have to clear all the steps. If the authority finds any problem with you document or application, your license got cancelled at that time.To make the proper use of Air Guns in India, Government makes license mandatory for Air Guns and this is the one and only reason a man needs a license to pursue a gun.



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